About Mountain Annie Records

Mountain Annie Records works in the publishing and marketing of music videos and recordings. The company name originates from nearby Mount Annie which is 22 miles SW of our current base location. We are located on the eastern edge of the Okanogan Highlands in Northeastern Washington state just twelve miles south of the Canadian Border and three miles northwest of Malo in Ferry County. We are within a day drive of Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Vancouver, British Columbia. We are accessible by road, and by air through the nearby Ferry County Airport, or directly by helicopter to our own onsite landing pad. There are numerous state and national parks, tourist attractions, motels, and RV parks in the area for fun and accomodation. Ferry County's topography and climate make it an ideal recreation destination, so tourism is a significant portion of the county's economy. Washington State Highway 20, designated a National Scenic Highway, crosses the county east-west, and has the state's highest navigable pass (5,575 feet above sea level). We should point out that all roads to our area cross mountain passes. In wintertime these passes may require that you carry chains for traction in order to cross safely.

Located at 3100' altitude our rustic mountain facility includes two small studios, a master control room, and a carpentry shop. We are not state of the art; just the opposite specializing in audio and video format conversion, restoration and enhancement. We are however specialists in LIVE recordings in house and outside.

A Little History

Mountain Annie Records is part of Pullman Studios LLC and the end result of 50 years experience in the music business, the broadcast industry, and over 27 years experience on the World Wide Web. Our staff has experience ranging from on stage performances, running nightclubs, radio and television production, graphics and publishing, to producing award winning recordings, that's fifty years recording live entertainment from hardcore rock bands to symphony orchestras, and much more.

Mountain Annie Records has developed from the record label Big Bob's Window Cleaning and Recording Company. Starting with recordings back in the 1960's, Big Bob's was the leader in specialized live recordings for over three and a half decades. A gap in production occured starting in 2003 due to a move across the country from Renton, WA to Hattiesburg, MS in August of 2003. On March 4 of 2004 the company lost one of the business partners to acute leukemia. By the summer of 2005 Big Bob's began to reorganize and move onwards. August 29, 2005 saw Hurricane Katrina hit and a cleanup process that occupied the entire fall and well into the spring of 2006. It was at this time that Big Bob's went dormant until the fall of 2019 when the operation was relocated back to Washington state and rebranded as Mountain Annie Records.