AV Restoration

Utilizing the facilities of Pullman Studios, the crew at Mountain Annie Records can take older audio and video recording formats and convert them to newer technologies. We can restore the quality of the recordings and enhance them so that they can preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. Once the recording upgrades have been completed they can be mastered for release and distribution through Mountain Annie Records.

We do restoration because we have observed the loss of the past through the physical deterioration of various media from old acetate audio tapes, to simple abandonment of then state of the art video equipment, example beta and 8mm formats. Technology changes rapidly and many recordings get left on the shelf with no way to view. This planned obsolescence benefits only the manufacturere in their ever quest to sell more product. While there are numerous formats that have their place in history, Pullman Studios has been equipped to handle the more popular consumer and professional technologies. Gear is added to the facility as it can be located, and made operable.

Here at Mountain Annie Records our goal is to work with artists and their families to save the once in a lifetime moments that have been captured, and then to take the material and convert to the latest technologies to help in long term accessibility and preservation. We know that many want to share these older performances with fans and loved one, so Mountain Annie Records endeavors to fulfil those needs.